Blogging is a curious and narcissistic activity. I am constantly consumed by self doubt as to whether I am adding to anybody’s enjoyment of human existence by explaining my love for the music of Prince, why I believe that people should be ashamed to buy the Sun, my sympathy for Ben Stokes, or why I think live comedy is one of the greatest of all entertainment forms.

But, like it or not, I am a product. I am a published author, a touring comedian, a Chaser, and a SINGLE GAY MAN. I need attention like junior doctors need a change in government. So I’m back. I have made many promises to blog with more frequency, and I have always broken those promises. So I can only make one promise. I will never, ever buy the Sun.

There have been plenty of new tour dates added. Here they are….

Saturday 14th May PETERBROUGH Key Theatre

01733 207239
Saturday 21st May  ANDOVER The Lights

01264 368368
Tuesday 31st May RUNCORN Brindley Theatre

0151 907 8360
Fri 10th June HELMSLEY Arts Centre
01439 771700
Sun 26th June SADDLEWORTH Off the Rails
Fri 1st July CHORLTON Irish Club

07874 152338
Sat 2nd July DARWEN Library Theatre
0844 847 1664
Thu 21st July BARNSLEY Lamproom Theatre
01226 200075
Fri 22nd July YORK Great Yorkshire Fringe
01904 500600
Friday 29th July NEATH Little Theatre
01639 643642
As you can see, I am not afraid of a bit of travel.
In a week’s time, I will be making an appearance on mainstream telly. Performing stand up comedy. It is a hotchpotch of some of my oldest jokes and some of my newest, on Tonight at the Palladium on May 4th. I will not be watching, as I will be on holiday. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the challenge of keeping it clean. I did not do my Thatcher joke.
So here’s to reviving the blog x