Yep it is another blog. Not a lot to report, in that I have spent much time on holiday. A two night drinking break in Prague, followed by a seven night drinking and quizzing holiday in Rhodes. Batteries were duly recharged. As you can see, this was a holiday for life’s winners.

The winning team on Only Connect Night.


I had one of those heartbreaking moments that all comedians get, last Saturday at Peterborough. As i started to sign books post show, an elderly lady pushed herself to the front and very gently asked “Was there any need to swear that much? It really spoiled the show.”.

I looked into her eyes. The eyes of a woman who had spent good money to see “The Sinnerman” and instead had watched a stand up comic. I just didn’t know what to say. I don’t swear a lot, and try and make sure that when I swear it adds to the humour. But to her ears, every expletive must have sounded horrific. I have no intention of spoiling anyone’s evening out. I just want people who come and see me, to be fans of “modern” stand up comedy. Despite her rudeness in pushing in, I admired her resolve in breaking the cosy love-in and speaking her mind. I could not muster the spirit to defend myself, smiled weakly and said “thanks for letting me know”. And she looked completely confused by my lack of spirit and walked away.

By the standards of today’s stand up, I am not a shocking comedian. There is more filth in the above photo than in my show. But I am a comedian, who learnt my trade in front of weekend drunks, and from time to time I am a lot ruder than anything allowable between 5pm and 6pm on ITV. And I have stuff to tell you about.

May 20th 

Morley Town Hall, Leeds.

I am closing an excellent bill here.

May 21st

The Lights, Andover.   “Postcards from the Z List”

You can usually tell how ticket sales are going by the neediness of the plug. Pleas,please,please,please,please,please come to this show.

May 23nd

 Alchemy Festival, South Bank Centre, London

A comedy night as part of a major festival of Asian arts and culture.

May 24th 

Comedy Store, London   The Cutting Edge

Legendary weekly topical comedy night.

May 26th 

Wivenhoe Funny Farm, Essex

A long overdue return (sorry Hazel) to a lovely comedy club.

Also May 26th

My Radio 4 show ! Paul Sinha’s History Revision returns to Radio 4 at 1830 and runs for four weeks.

May 27th

Laughter Live Comedy Club, Fareham, Hants

New venue for me this one, but the bill is absolutely first class.


May 28th 

Fighting Talk Champion of Champions final. BBC Radio 5 Live. 1100.

I have a title to defend, and a trophy to return if I can find it. I have no chance. Justin Moorhouse, Bob Mills, Richard Osman. No chance.

Also May 28th

It’s my birthday. 46 years old (28 on Grindr). I shall be drinking in Liverpool. Say hello.

And finally May 31st.

Brindley Theatre Runcorn. “Postcards from the Z List”

A third time at the lovely Brindley for me. Support from the wonderful Jim Smallman.


And that is May. Other than I have become an uncle again. Say hello to Mila.