More stuff.

I’m 46 now. Had a great birthday night out in Liverpool, based around three very different drinking venues. The Lisbon, The Liverpool, and McCooleys. All three bars were fantastic hosts. Many thanks.

Audiences are definitely getting older. Not just at my solo shows, I am also finding that at club gigs there has been a steady rise in average age. Are we pricing the younger generation out? A recent gig I did at the Komedia offered big student discounts for the Saturday late show, and the resulting audience certainly had a different flavour.

Saturday morning is one of the red letter mornings of the year for me. It is the World Quizzing Championships, in which questions about Eastenders have been replaced by questions about Azerbhaijani folk music. I have got quite good at it over the years, and finished 17th last year. I do not expect to improve on that, I think a few people underperformed last year. As usual my main aim is not to make stupid errors.

If you would like to catch me telling jokes, that would be great. The History Rvision show continues for the next three Thursdays at 1830 on Radio 4. As for live gigs………….

June 2-4 Comedy Store London

June 7th Cutting Edge, Comedy Store London

June 10th Helmsley.

June 17th/18th Laughterhouse Liverpool

June 24/25         Comedy Store Manchester

June 26th  Saddleworth    Tickets running out for this one.

July 1st Chorlton

July 2nd   Darwen

July 29th   Neath. Yep Neath

And July 31st, South Shields.

Busy,busy, busy.


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