A man walks into a gay club and goes on a murderous rampage, leaving a trail of the dead, the maimed, the bereaved.

For most people it is an appalling crime, a heinous, sickening strike, a horror of lives cut tragically short.

For a small minority, it is a time for celebration, to abuse the privilege of free speech and the democracy of social media by displaying their psychopathy with glee.

For gay people it is a visceral blow, a chilling reminder that the lives we try and enjoy as fully as we can, are lives which many people would cheerfully bring to an end. This will not be the last time this happens.

For some people, it is a time to parade their ignorance, and question whether a man walking into a gay club and mass murdering is actually homophobia.Nope, perhaps he was just angry at the music policy.

For many people it is a time to soberly reflect, to ponder what on earth the answer is to religious, in this case Islamic, extremism. Those who don’t have the moral certainty of the Trump/EDL end of the spectrum certainly don’t have any clear answers.

For certain politicians it is a time to wallow in their own hypocrisy, expressing hollow sympathy for gay people, a demographic group they have been only too keen to demonise as second class citizens.

And for one group, analyzing the whole thing is a simply hilarious parlour game. “Look at those effete, mincing lefties with their sorrow. Don’t they know this is all their fault?”  And then they play their parlour game and prove that 1=2, cats=dogs, and a gay hating gay murdering man with high level weaponry is all the fault of the lefties. For this narcissistic end of the rightwing press, a group of over privileged, mutually fellating, self-congratulatory, relentlessly dog-whistling dickwads, there is no tragedy too raw, too horrific, not to exploit. For them, mourning is….. a bit gay. Far more fun to use catastrophe as an excuse to contort and distort.

I don’t have any answers to anything. I’m a comedian. Orlando was brutal evidence of just how deadly homophobia can be. Especially nihilistic extreme Islamic homophobia. In simplistic terms, I hope nobody stumbles back into the closet, and people are more determined to live lives of their choosing. One thing I am sure of is that I  would rather react to human tragedy with sadness and anger and uncertainty, than react with the smug, self satisfaction of the Delingpolerati.



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