Those annual Edinburgh Tips.

I’m not going. I’m spending most of the month sat seeing if I can spot the signs of Zika on a TV screen. But many hardy souls are going. These are my tips. As usual they are biased towards the largely unhyped.


Laura Lexx        Just the Tonic Mash House 1420

A comedian on the rise, irrepressibly funny.


Gavin Webster    Stand 2           1910

Don’t go if you want slick. Go if you want unpretentiously clever and hilarious.


Zoe Lyons     Gilded Balloon Teviot 1900

If there is any justice, Zoe is on the brink of superstardom. Go now while you can afford to.


Mark Silcox    Ciao Roma 1410

As usual with Mark this could be groundbreakingly brilliant. Worth finding out.


Adam Rowe       Just the tonic Caves  1720

An unstoppable self-publicist, with undoubted comedy chops. His debut hour will definitely be worth seeing.


David Longley        Stand 4 2015

An intelligent contrarian, with bold jokes to match. Don’t miss.


Ahir Shah      Cabaret Voltaire 1330

Former wunderkind has evolved into a skilled political comedian, with one of the Fringe’s best received shows in 2015


Tom Allen       Pleasance 2015

Delightfully arch,  lyrical and sophisticated, Tom has been on the brink of breaking through for a while. This may well be the year.


Geoff Norcott       Underbelly Med Quad 1910

A consistent performer in the highest echelons of the circuit, Geoff is that rarest of Fringe beasts – openly Conservative. He is also a brilliant comedian, as you will find out if you go and see him.


Jo Neary – Stand 5/6  1430

I have a massive soft spot for Jo’s superbly observed character comedy.


Jamali Maddix – Pleasance 2015

Distinctive and original comic voice, Jamali has been much touted since he started and this is a hotly anticipated debur


Felicity Ward  – Pleasance 2100

Last year’s show was a bravura tour de force of storytelling. She has become one of the Fringe’s must sees.


Tom Ballard         Assembly George Square       2115

So many gay comedians now ply their wares on the Fringe. Some of them are ludicrously talented and stupidly hot.


Taylor Glenn        The Caves             2110

Last time I saw her, she took a room apart. Was intrigued at what had happened to her. This show, it seems, will explain all.


And finally       Paul Thorne        Stand 5 2130

I recommended this show last year. He never turned up. He has promised me that he will this year. Brilliant and prolific topical musical comedy at its best.









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