Day 3 Monday August 8th.

Image result for adam peaty

All hail Adam Peaty whose magnificence has written his name into quiz league sets till 2020. What a guy and what a performance. Surprisingly superb from Jazz Carlin as well. After the horrors of the women’s road race, and the plucky near miss of fencer Richard Kruse, it was quite the fillip.

Also Novak Djokovic is out. Make of that what you will.

William Fox-Pitt leads in the 3 day eventing going into today’s cross-country.

The Ladies rugby sevens team were brilliant yesterday, and in theory are nailed on for a medal of some colour today.

David Florence is clearly in form in the slalom kayaking.

In much of the world Simone Biles is THE superstar of this Olympics. This will give some indication of why.

The men’s gymnastics team have all to play for tonight. No errors and a medal may be theirs. But that is a big ask. What isn’t a big ask is another pic of Max Whitlock.

Robbie Fowler’s boxer cousin Antony Flower starts tonight.

It’s Tom Daley time who goes in the final of the synchronised diving, where they have a decent chance of taking one of the two medal spots behind the Chinese. Having gone through more partners than Zsa Zsa Gabor he now synchronises with Daniel Goodfellow.

James Guy needs a miracle improvement to feature amongst the medals in the 200m freestyle tonight. Siobhan-Marie O’Connor has a fighting chance of minor medals in the 200m individual medley which starts today.

I will be mostly watching eventers, rugby players and gymnasts today.



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