Toby Young.

Ugh. Post Brexit, I have been vocal about trying to appreciate alternative points of view, not least because it is quite clear that the British public seems to be significantly more conservative than myself. But there is a breed of preening, narcissistic rightwing columnist that I loathe with a visceral intensity I find difficult to suppress. No point is too cheap to make, no leap of logic too tenuous. As long as the idiotic clickbait article riles Britain’s army of po-faced, feminazi, culturally Marxist, bien pensant libtards, then who needs facts, insight or emotional intelligence?

If James Delingpole is the king, then Toby Young is the clown prince of uber smug fuckwittery. His father coined the term “meritocracy”, and yet he exemplifies the journalist with no discernible talent at anything, who has maintained a career by always having a friend of a friend of a friend who has done coke with someone in the right place.

Young’s latest excretion, in which he claims that GB’s fine performance in Rio is a triumph for Tory values, should, of course, be ignored. He’s trolling. You can tell him that ignominy of Atlanta 96 came after a decade and a half of Tory underinvestment in sport. You can tell him that the reality is nuanced and complicated – after all, the right to host 2012 came under a Labour government and a socialist London mayor, but was negotiated by a Tory, Lord Coe. You can tell him that the party which introduced a massive increase in university tuition fees, is not exactly synonymous with a commitment to upward mobility. You can tell him that it’s a bit rich to embrace “evacuee” Mo Farah in a newspaper which has done so much to obsessively demonise refugees. He doesn’t care. Why should he? He has a job where quality of output is entirely irrelevant to future employment.

But to actually use named Olympic stars in what amounts to a party political broadcast is a c88t’s trick. He is exploiting people who have shown a level of dedication and success that he can only imagine in his most far fetched dreams. Max Whitlock winning two gymnastics golds does not prove any political ideology. It proves that he is a quite exceptional young man. Back off Young, keep your grubby, opportunistic bandwagon-jumping mitts off what you barely understand.

GB sports fans are currently experiencing a ludicrously rich period of success. The reasons for this are multifactorial. Great decisions have been made by people of every political hue. But more than that we should feel gratitude to the talent of the sports stars themselves, in whose efforts we enjoy vicarious thrills. That is all there is to it. By distorting facts to suit his own agenda, yet again Toby Young has exposed himself as a rancid, little bellend.


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