That first Fringe blog

So it starts tomorrow, preview tickets are a fiver. I am not doing 6th or 7th, I am doing the 13th and an extra show on 26th. All details here.

So to recommendations.

They’ve put bloody great hours in, over the years and deserve some love.

Andrew O’Neill

Alistair Barrie

Gavin Webster

Jo Caulfield

Markus Birdman

I saw them last year.

Ahir Shah

Matt Ewins

Luke McQueen

Seymour Mace

I missed them last year

Lauren Pattison

Darren Harriott

Rose Matafeo

Leo Kearse

I’ve seen their hours this year

Laura Lexx

Angela Barnes

Jim Tavare

Tom Stade

Larry Dean

Their non Edinburgh stuff is great

Scott Bennett

Bethany Black

Ola the Comedian

Dan Nightingale

Jen Brister

Take a chance

Maisie Adam

Jacob Hawley



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