Nearing the end.

There are three days to go. It has been an unusual month, and having come up with an autobiographical show about the onset of declining health, and middle age, I am feeling middle aged but still bearing up well.

I never wanted to start with a spat, but being misrepresented in the press, due to an arch egotist’s desperation to meet a deadline, needed answering. While much of the industry is too cowered to openly speak out, I have of course had many people voicing their approval in private. Not much use to me, but Copstick’s good natured reviewing this month  has been nice to see. Nonetheless I am far too emotionally fragile for the whole thing not to have dented me. On the plus side, the whole thing gave me a new joke.

I had my bloody wallet stolen earlyish in the Fringe. 200 quid lost, and all my cards, not one of which has yet been replaced by my normally good bank. In addition, a worsening frozen right shoulder hasn’t helped.

I have not seen as many shows as last year, mainly due to an inceasing intolerance of some disgracefully overheated rooms. A lot of very good comedians have been ill served by their venues. I have seen some great shows, my favourite of which was Terry Alderton. Not only is his show inspirationally good, it is living proof that is possible to be hugely experienced and over the age of forty and still be artistically noteworthy. 

It seems an eternity ago that I first bemoaned the NewTownphobia of mainstream comedy journalists, and if anything it has got worse. Despite housing Kitson, Dylan Moran, Mark Watson, Limmy etc, it seems increasingly odds against for venues on the “wong side of town” to be treated with industry courtesy. No worries, I am certainly going nowhere. The Stand venues continue to offer loyal support, ethical finances, and a roster of blazing creativity. Anyone who can’t be arsed to cross that bridge- it is very much your loss.

I will be back in 2019. It gets harder with every passing year, and my list of reviews this year includes some “outliers”.

But most importantly audiences have been great and I am damned proud of the show. Even if the press largely ignores comedians aged over 40, on at the New Town, and without PR, audiences do not.

I have two shows this Sunday.



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